Hold Your Heart In The Sands of Time

Hearts in the sand


Em G D  A (2x)

Em          G     D       A
We walk the beach hand in hand
Em           G    D         A
I taste your wine under our stand
Em         G           D      A
Sunsets glow in you sky
Em             G            D      A7
I feel your body with my eyes

D                             A/E
Two bodies run through the night
Bm/F#                     G
Heart and soul held so tight
D/A                         A
You mean more than I can sing
G                               D
As I hold your heart in the sands of time.

Em           G           D    A
I taste your breath when I’m alone
Em       G     D        A
My heart hurts for your song
Em         G            D   A
Call to me with your soul
Em          G                 D         A
Our happiness, I’ll always long

[repeat chorus]

Bm               A          G
When I’m with you all the sad fades away
Bm               A            G
As I hear your lyrics for a better day
A              G             Bm
The Caress of your voice softens me
G                    ^      A
In a captured moment      we can be

[repeat chorus 2x]