Song – Sorry I Still Love You

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I'm So Sorry, I still love you.
[Verse 1]
Dm         F          C    Dm
I see your face in my photograph.
Bb                  F
Remembering when we used to laugh.
Dm       F             C       Dm
Feel the tears falling from my eyes.
Bb            F
My feelings I just can't hide.
Bb                     F
I built my whole world around you.
Bb                     F
My eyes are red and my heart is blue.
Bb                 F
I’m drowning in my lukewarm brew
Gm              C
I’m so sorry, I still love you.
[Intro Riff]
[Verse 2]
Dm         F     C       Dm
I turned off the bedroom lights.
Bb                 F
Looks like another lonely night.
Dm      F                C       Dm
No warm sheets from your body’s glow.
Bb                 F
All I have is this cold pillow.
[Repeat Chorus]
I turn the lights on soft and low.
As I sing our song with the radio.
Can't understand why you had to leave.
Bb                 Gm
I keep hoping it's just a bad dream.
[Chorus 2x]
[Final Repeat Last Line of Chorus]