Hot Jocks & Debutantes


All around the school yard.
All the jocks think they’re so damn hard.
All the deb’s so rich and petite.
Looking for someone to mistreat.


Because they’re, Hot jocks and Debutantes.
So stuck on themselves.
They’re Hot Jocks and Debutantes.
So high and mighty their noses bleed.

After school they hang around.
Putting all the poor kids down.
Acting so rich and rough.
Can’t seem to get enough.


In the end were all the same.
They have no one but themselves to blame.
Realizing in the end.
That they have on real true friends.


Song Story

This is a song about jocks (not to be confused with athletes) who in general are rude, arrogant, stupid, beats up people, dates only cheerleaders and hangs around other jocks.  They pick on others in school.  The other clique in this song is the debutante. She is in cahoots with the jocks by looking down on those she sees as ‘of lower stature’.   The conclusion of the song is they don’t have any real true friends.  They have alienated everyone. After high school they end up bagging our groceries, cleaning public toilets and flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

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